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Password Simulator

See how long it will take us to remove / recover your password by brute-force

This is a password simulator.
If you input a password, it will show you how long it will take us to remove / recovered it from different file formats.

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File typeEncryption typeApplicationTime
DOC, XLS, PPT, PPSRC4 40bits MD5Microsoft Office 97,2000,2003 Couple of minutes
DOCX, XLSX, PPTXSHA1 128bits AESMicrosoft Office 2007,2010 0 days
RARSHA1 128bits AESWINRAR 3.X0 days
ZIP, EOCZIP proprietary 96bitsWinzip, EOC0 days
PDFStandard 128bitsAdobe PDF0 days

* Please be aware that these are the values for brute-forcing the password. We employ different other methods like table attacks to shorten these times.
  • The password is incorrect Word cannot open the document
  • the password you supplied is not correct excel
  • the following file cannot be decrypted using the current password
  • crc failed in the encrypted file
  • please enter a document open password
  • The file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents
  • The cell or chart that you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only
  • Enter database password
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