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Access - Enter database password

Enter database password

Jet 3: The database password, when set, is stored as plain text in the MDB file header.
Jet 4: The database password, when set, is obfuscated with a simple XOR pattern algorithm based on the file creation date/time (stored inside the file) which is then stored in the MDB file header.
Jet 3 AND 4: The MDB file header itself is further obfuscated with an XOR pattern although its a constant XOR stream this time.
ACCDB Files: The password is no longer stored as obfuscated plain text in the file header. Instead, a hash is used to check that the user has entered the valid password. The hash is generated from a combination of RC4 and SHA-1 algorithms.

enter database password

Error class: Enter database password
Error type: Enter database password
Error message: Enter database password

Press here to recover online password to your mdb (access) document

  • The password is incorrect Word cannot open the document
  • the password you supplied is not correct excel
  • the following file cannot be decrypted using the current password
  • crc failed in the encrypted file
  • please enter a document open password
  • The file cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents
  • The cell or chart that you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only
  • Enter database password
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